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Would you like a happy tummy? 

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Constipation and/or Diarrhoea
  • Bloating, Wind and a Hard Stomach 
  • Heartburn and reflux
  • Thrush – itchiness, discharge, discomfort and recurrent bouts
  • Food Allergies (In-clinic testing available – click here)
  • Lethargy and fatigue

Our naturopaths specialise in digestive disturbances and are ready to help you feel ‘normal’ again!  With a combination of herbal and nutritional medicine and some dietary changes you can feel a lot better in just a few days.  They focus on getting to the root of the cause and fixing it from there, not just offering a band-aid solution.

“After putting up with bloating, excess wind, irregular bowels and a stomach that looked 6 months pregnant I decided to visit Chantelle and I am so glad I did!  I really noticed a difference with my bowels first and then the wind and bloating reduced and thankfully my stomach went down.  We worked out which foods aggravated me and changed my diet to suit me best, now I know what my triggers are and avoid them altogether”   Kylie, Essendon, 2013

“I had been put under the umbrella of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by my doctors with no real support offered.  I felt that I was kinda left on my own to help myself.  Constant diarrhoea and extreme pain in my abdomen with wind and bloating made me quite miserable.  I sought help when I was quite exhausted by it all and found that I slowly began to get better.  What I also found very helpful was that we worked on my stress levels as that would make my stomach much worse” Jess, Ascot Vale, 2014

“I’ve suffered with stomach issues forever and tried cutting things out of my diet but it never completely got better.  I did the food intolerance test and we were able to identify the triggers (which I would never had suspected!) and after 2 weeks I felt so much better!” Laylah, Sunbury,  2014

Are you ready to feel well again?  Get your energy back today!

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