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Fertility Support

Infertility is estimated to affect 15 to 18% of couples in Australia.  This is an alarming statistic!  But we must remember that many risk factors that effect our fertility, including obesity, stress, toxic overload, and oxidative damage, are modifiable through dietary and lifestyle intervention.

Using herbal and nutritional medicine and acupuncture we are able to offer assistance for:

  • Couples wanting to give their little bubs the best possible start in life;
  • Couples with general infertility with a known or unknown cause – menstrual cycle/ovulation problems, poor sperm quality/numbers/morphology;
  • Couples suffered one or more miscarriages.

It takes two to tango!

One thing that we must understand is that preconception care is not just about the female seeking optimal health.  To ensure healthy conception, both the female and male need to be healthy.  It takes one fertilized egg to form an embryo – this is achieved by 50% from the female, 50% from the male – for this reason, it is essential that both partners undertake preconception care.