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Time to feel well again! Let Chantelle assess all areas of your health and develop
the right health plan for you. She uses simple and realistic ways to help you feel great!


No-one likes pain or should have to put up with it!
Let Sam help reduce your aches and pains, tender spots or muscle tightness. Walk out feeling fantastic!

Food Intolerance Test

Tried to work out which food are causing your stomach to churn but just can’t pinpoint it?
In just 1 hour find out which foods are causing that uncomfortable wind, indigestion and embarrassing wind!


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    This detailed health assessment will identify the cause of your problems.

    Increase your energy, sleep better, reduce bloating and feel great today!

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    • $120Initial consultation
    • $290Food Intolerance test
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    This deep tissue massage releases tightness and reduces pain by targeting specific areas of tension and stress.

    Reduce pain, loosen up tight muscles and move more freely.

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    • $7045 minutes
    • $9060 minutes
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    Pre-conception Care

    When you are trying month after month, with no success, trying to fall pregnant can become quite stressful.

    Before invasive procedures, try a holistic approach for infertility.

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    • $120Single consultation
    • $180Couples consultation

Chantelle Bell


Chantelle is a highly experienced naturopath and with over 8 years experience treating a range of conditions. She works with lots of tired and exhausted women by helping them get their energy back. She also will help you sleep better, reduce your stress and anxiety, eliminate that uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing wind whilst also getting you to feel great about yourself! Chantelle also works with Health @ Work, one of Australia’s leading corporate health companies, presenting seminars Australia wide, writing newsletter articles, performing health checks and project management. Areas of expertise: Low energy Digestive problems – bloating, wind, tender and sore stomach, fullness and uncomfortableness after meals, irregular bowel movements Underactive thyroid – hypothyroidism or hashimotos disease Anxiety and Stress Candida overgrowth.

Sam Ruddick

Remedial Massage Therapist

Sam is a qualified remedial massage therapist. His goal as a therapist is to see positive change in the client’s physical/mental and emotional wellbeing. Sam works towards bringing you to your desired level of health, whether it be recovering from an injury or dealing with everyday stress and tension. His treatments incorporate a detailed assessment of posture and mobility. Sam has a deep understanding of the Bio-mechanics of the body.. Areas of expertise: Neck and shoulder pain Lower back pain Headaches Intra-oral work (for jaw clenching and teeth grinding)